NFTs That Have Achieved Popularity and Positioning in the Market


NFTs have made it clear that they are here to stay as they have reached a relatively high level of positioning among their user.

The possibility of authenticating and certifying ownership of digital art is becoming more attractive, and getting paid thousands of dollars for it is even more enjoyable.  If you want to enter the world of Bitcoin investing, this bitcoin trading platform is a must-visit.

Will NFTs be the future of art?

The meaning of non-fungible tokens is that they are unique, irreplaceable, and intangible since their nature is digital.

This feature summarizes simply what it means to create a digital work of art in the Blockchain environment; this type of token enjoys the benefit that the work of art created under this platform is a unique and irreplaceable design, where only the author has the certificate of ownership.

The author of an NFT is the only one who can market, auction, or sell any NFT he owns, of course, being able to expose his works to make use of the applications created worldwide whose objective is to promote and publicize the results as I would make a physical gallery.

Traditional artists who have yet to adapt to the digital age are now adapting to this new digital market. However, many still see it as unreal, even though it has already generated millions of dollars for many digital artists.

Nowadays, many art experts assume that NFTs can represent the future of art, perhaps not in the short term, but in the medium and long term.

It’s all a matter of adapting and managing the terms art associates with NFTs. This new way of authenticating works allows artists to be sure that their works will not be victims of plagiarism.

Electronic games and NFTs

NFTs have taken over traditional art, scaling it digitally, and the entertainment industry has dived into NFTs; such is the case of the video game CryptoKitties.

The users of this type of e- game, after executing the activities inherent to the game and taking care of the pets, in this case, Cats, can finally generate an NFT, where the pet is exposed as a work of digital art; they can reach the point to be auctioned according to market conditions and where their value can vary significantly.

It should be noted that this is not the only online game that allows the accumulation of non-fungible tokens; many have even allowed players to generate large sums of money, thus forming a new way of generating a profit by playing.

Some of the applications that allow the collection of tokens are the following:

  • decentralize
  • crypto stamps
  • My crypto heroes
  • Unchained Gods
  • Binance Collectibles

Mentioning some of the most used does not mean that they are the only ones; there are also a variety of projects like Crypto Punk, in which he created an NFT called: Ape with a Fedora hat and reached a millionaire sum in the sale transaction.

Some benefits of NFTs

NFTs, being collectible, allow you to protect investments in some way; remember that non-fungible tokens are usually a form of cryptocurrency only based on digital art.

It is because it works under the blockchain platform, and therein lies its importance and security. In addition, obtaining or creating NFT grants whoever owns it the property and rights to said work, this being the most crucial benefit.

On the other hand, we find that for some time, many assets can be tokenized in the virtual reality of games and in many types of tangible assets to revalue them and not fall victim to the sudden inflation that appears in the world.


All of these incentives promote non-fungible tokens, protecting tangible and digital assets from the impact of the traditional economy.

Helping generate income for many by selling their digital works or accumulating capital through electronic games is simply a tempting proposition for many and risky for others.

It is about evaluating all the scenarios and opening the possibilities of financial growth where the fundamental priority is to advance in the tokenization process to cover more and more spaces.

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