How to Pair Aftershokz Headphones (iPhone & Android)

Pair Aftershokz Headphones

With some of its distinctive, high-quality services, AfterShokz has rapidly has a larger market share.

Just like other Bluetooth headphones, you’ll have to figure out how to pair the AfterShokz headphones.

It’s beneficial to understand how to pair your AfterShokz to one’s device, whether you might get your headsets, got a new mobile, or lost connectivity. It’s quite straightforward.

Remove your earphone first. Press the power button for 5–7 secs to access pairing mode. While you’re in pairing mode The LED light would also flash red and blue, and Audrey will say “pairing” on the vocal prompter.

When you’re in pairing mode, go to your device’s Bluetooth configurations and choose your headsets first from the list.

Done! It’s that simple.

How do I connect my AfterShokz Headphones to the Devices?

In this brief guide you will learn the method of how to connect your Aftershokz Headphones to the Devices step by step. You will also learn how to manually reset your AfterShokz Headphones in easy way.

How to Pair AfterShokz Headphones to iPhone or iPad?

Follow the directions to connect your wireless headphones to your apple device.

  • Make sure the earphones are in pairing mode after turning them on.
  • To discover alternative devices on your android or iPhone, select the Bluetooth option in Settings and turn it on.
  • Once you’ve found your headphones, then choose them and tap Pair.
  • The pairing will be accomplished after a successful connection, and you’ll be allowed to be using the AfterShokz headsets with your iOS device. And once the connection has been established, you may hear an audible notification on your headset.

How to pair AfterShokz headphones to Android?

Follow the directions given to connect the wireless earbuds to an Android device.

  • Activate the pairing configuration on the AfterShokz earbuds by turning them on.
  • Browse to the Settings menu on your Android smartphone.
  • Switch on Bluetooth by going to the Bluetooth configurations.
  • After that, you’ll see a list of devices that were previously paired. Look for new devices if you’re not seeing the AfterShokz there.
  • And once the phone detects the earbuds, it will begin looking for them and listing them there.
  • Once the name appears in the list, select it by clicking on it. After that, select Pair.
  • When the pairing is finished, you’ll receive a notification on your phone and, most likely, on your headphones as well.

How to Reset Your AfterShokz Headphones

 Here are the procedure for resetting AfterShokz Headphones

  • To reset your AfterShokz earbuds, follow these steps:
  • Pressing the power button tab on your headphones, and also the volume down and up arrow keys, for 4-five seconds. You’ll hear a clicking sound or feel vibrations on your earbuds now.
  • It’s time to take off your headsets.
  • Your AfterShokz earbuds have been effectively reset now and are fully prepared to be paired with your gadget. When you reinstall the AfterShokz earbuds, you’ll have to pair them with all of the gadgets they were previously connected to.


Why isn’t my AfterShokz pairing?

There may be a few possibilities for why your AfterShokz isn’t pairing. Verify for something like a blue light at the bottom of the neckband to affirm that perhaps the headset did turn on. If the light does not come on, press and hold the power button until it does.

Make sure the earbuds are within 30 feet of your gadget and therefore it is not in idle mode if they have been turned on.

Is AfterShokz compatible with the iPhone?

Yes, AfterShokz is compatible with the iPhone. The headsets use bone conduction technology to send acoustic signals through cheekbones to the eardrum, eliminating the need for traditional headsets to be placed into the inner ear. This makes it the ideal alternative for people who would like to stream music or talk on the phone while also still hearing what’s happening around them.

Why isn’t my AfterShokz able to connect to my mobile?

Your AfterShokz headsets might not have been connecting to your mobile for a multitude of reasons. Make sure both gadgets are fully charged first. Try resetting your mobile and headsets if they aren’t working.

Is AfterShokz compatible with Siri?

Yes, Siri is compatible with the AfterShokz headset. The bone conduction technology used by AfterShokz headphones transmits acoustic signals straight to your auditory nerve, designed to allow you to hear ambient sounds and conversations while choosing to wear them. As an outcome, they’re a fantastic pick for music or chatting on the phone while on the go.

Is it possible to link AfterShokz to an iPad?

Yes, AfterShokz can be connected to an iPad. To do the same, plug your AfterShokz headsets into the iPad’s headphone socket and use the 3.5mm audio cord that did come with them.

Is it plausible to be using my headsets with multiple devices?

Yes, your Bluetooth headphones can be used with different devices. Follow instructions in the headset’s user guide to do the same.

What exactly is multi-point pairing, and how would it function?

Multi-point pairing is a wireless connection technique that lets two or more users communicate with one another. This could be used to connect a mobile to a computer or a mobile to a speaker, for example. It’s frequently used in combination with Bluetooth.


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