Dick Wolf Net Worth

Dick Wolf Net Worth

Dick Wolf is a popular American TV show creator, writer and producer with $600 million net worth. It made him turned the wealthiest person on the entertainment industry.

He became more popular for creating the famous television franchises “Law & Order” and “One Chicago”. Since 1990, he has worked with NBCUniversal and produced more than 1000 episodes of and Law & Order franchise.

The world has earned much from this television career. Beyond that, he has greatly contributed to his net worth through various sources. If you want to know about Dick Wolf’s net worth, scroll down your eyes.

How does Dick Wolf earn money?

Net worth as of 2023$600 million
OccupationTelevision producer, Screenwriter, Film producer and Television director
Income sourcesNBCUniversal and Wolf Entertainment production deals
Asset classesReal estate, entertainment, NFTs and books

How much is Dick Wolf’s net worth in 2023?

Wolf Dick’s net worth is estimated to be $600 million in 2023 due to his prolific producing career. According to recent reports, Wolf’s net worth in January 2020 was around $550 million. He has made $10 – 12 million monthly from all his major TV shows. 

He signed a $300 million deal with NBCUniversal for streaming rights for his series on the Peacock platform. Within a month, Wolf signed another deal with NBCUniversal for about $1 billion for five years. By increasing his investment portfolios and focusing on startups, he has raised his net worth to $600 million in 2023. 

How Dick Wolf has earned huge amount?

Dick Wolf, alias Richard Anthony Wolf was born to George Wolf who was an advertising executive. He completed schooling at Saint David’s school and then joined Phillips Academy. Later, he graduated from Pennsylvania University. After graduation, he kick-started his career in the advertising domain and then moved to Los Angeles.

There, she started to focus on writing and screenplays. After years of effort and struggles, he became a popular American film and television producer and creator of many popular TV franchises. He gained recognition for writing in TV dramas such as Miami Vice.

However, he became more popular and earned immense money after creating the most successful TV franchise, Law & Order, in 1990. He also created the FBI and Chicago TV franchises. He got many awards for appreciating his great work. In addition, Wolf created many unscripted series like Cold Justice and wrote many thrill novels.

Upon continually creating innovative and new programs, he achieved a great name in the industry and signed several big deals. His major earnings are from TV production and writing. Alongside, he diversified his investments and earned huge amounts annually. 

Dick Wolf’s investment details 

Dick Wolf has become a successful and wealthy entertainment industry figure with a net worth of around $600 million. From his successful TV production and franchises to a diverse investment portfolio, he made his fortune. 

He has invested his money across different asset classes, boosting his net worth annually and becoming the richest entertainment figure. He invested in startups, entertainment, NFTs, books and real estate.

His investment strategy and decisions help you manage your finances effectively across various industries and asset classes. 

How much does Wolf get from entertainment and production deals?

Wolf became the wealthiest entertainment figure after creating the most successful TV franchise in history, Law & Order. As per the report, he has obtained $200,000 per episode of the Law & Order franchise. Besides, he earned a lot from franchises such as the FBI and Chicago series. 

NBCUniversal offered Wolf a $300 million deal for claiming his series streaming rights in 2020. Following this, the production house signed another deal for $1 billion for five years. These huge deals alone boost Wolf’s net worth and make him a millionaire. 

Being a producer and executive producer, he has produced about 47 TV shows. It has undoubtedly made him wealthy. Additionally, he has produced several unscripted shows and witnessed success. All these successes helped him gain a vast fortune. 


Dick Wolf has a diverse startup portfolio that contributes much to his net worth. He has invested $1.5 million in DigiPath in 2014. It is a company offering education services and lab testing related to marijuana. 

Recently, he invested in the tech startup Tally, which offers automated financial advice to users according to their needs. Due to the expansion of his production company, he dedicated himself to rebranding as Wolf Entertainment and showcased his willingness to invest in emerging sectors.


1. How many shows does Dick Wolf produce?

Dick Wolf has produced about forty-seven TV shows throughout his career as a producer and executive producer.

2. What are the major shows Dick Wolf produce?

Dick Wolf has produced the shows such as Nasty Boys, Miami Vice, Christine Cromwell, Law & Order, New York Undercover, and Crime & Punishment. 

3. What is the annual income of Dick Wolf?

Dick Wolf has earned about $120-180 million per year through various sources. His annual income is increasing yearly, contributing to $600 million of net worth. 

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