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Video Downloader App: Who doesn’t know about Tik Tok and doesn’t love making videos on it? Right from famous movie dialogues, crazy dance steps to comical and talent-showcasing videos the lip-syncing app has it all. Tik Tok, which was earlier known as is one of the largest live streaming and video sharing platforms in the world. The app has more than 90 million registered users and 580 million new videos.

Although with its massive popularity and following with almost 100s of music videos getting uploaded, there is no option to download them. Video downloader for musically is an easy video download app that enables you to share the light-hearted, entertaining videos with your friends and loved ones.

You might not be having an active internet connection all the time and in that case, you will have to sacrifice watching tik tok videos. Therefore we all require a method through which we can download the tik tok videos in our phone itself and watch them whenever we want. This gives you an option to watch tik tok videos whenever you want, no matter if you have an active internet connection or not.

With a few simple steps, you can have your favorite Tiktok video download option available on your android phone and you can enjoy those videos while traveling, chilling, etc.

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Short Details of Video Downloader For Musically & Tik Tok

NAMEVideo Downloader App
Size9.5 MB
Latest Version1.1.3
SupportsAndroid 4.2+
UpdatedDecember 2018

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Video Downloader App

Features of Video Downloader for Musically & Tik Tok

  • Free Video Download – Of course, that’s what we’re here for. Whether it’s your favorite dance video, a funny lip-sync or your favorite Tik Tok-er you can have all the videos downloaded in your android phone. By just copying the URL of your favorite video, you’re good to go. Don’t forget, it’s for free!
  • Automatic Capture – the app enables the user to simplify the download process just like a breeze. A user just needs to open his/ her musically app along with a musically video downloader app and copy the URL of the video he/ she wants to download. The app will automatically capture the URL and show the user further option.
  • Play Before Download – In case, the user is worried about spending about his/ her mobile data or has limited internal storage in the phone, there is an option that will save the unnecessary or accidental download of videos from musically. One can preview the video before actually downloading it.
  • Easy to use – the app is extremely easy to use, just like spreading butter on the knife! All it takes is, just copy the URL and second hit the download button available at the tip of your finger.
  • Share Options – a user can also share his/ her favorite musically downloadwith friends or family through the share option enabled by the app.
  • Watch Saved Videos – If you want to go back watching some of your favorite videos that you watched previously, you can access the Musically Downloader’s library anytime. Oh, you should have saved those videos to find them in the library.

Aren’t these reasons enough to grab your phone and hit the install button right now? These are the mind-blowing and useful features of this app that make this a must to have app to download videos on android.

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Install Video Downloader for Musically & Tik Tok APK on Android

There are many websites available on the internet that provides the option of downloading musically video without installing any downloader app. However, not much is known about the accountability of those websites. Using those sites to download videos might also pave the way for some unwanted files into your device. Here is the link for the best app to a video download for musically apk –

  1. Download the Video Downloader from the link below –

Video Downloader for Musically

  1. After the application is downloaded on your phone, go to your device’s settings and allow it to install apps from unknown sources.
  2. Go to your file explorer and find the app that you downloaded. Install this app as you usual. The installation process from here is no different than other apps and you won’t find any difficulties while installing the app on your device.

Congrats! The app has been successfully installed on your device. You are all set to download tik tok videos on your device and enjoy them even if you are offline.


After downloading the videos, you can edit them and share them further. You can also be creative in making cool edits, showcasing your talent or just spoof it up and upload again. Hang on, before you download bulk videos in your phone, surely Tik Tok videos can be mood uplifting and a bit of addiction. Too many videos can burden your phone’s internal storage. So, go in slow, enjoy the content available at the tip of your finger which is absolutely free!

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