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Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk

The Tap Titans 2 game is a famous sequel game to the popular game Tap Titans, which was developed by the Game Hive Corporation. The first part of the game was pretty successful, and Game Hive Corporation has decided to develop the second part. The Tap Titans 2 has more features and new modes. At present, games are becoming more complex, and the operations are also becoming tougher than before. However, this trend is not followed in the Tap Titans series. In terms of simplicity, Tap Titans 2 requires the user to do only one operation. Even after that, the results of the game turn out to be more exciting than you can expect. The Tap Titans 2 apk has also been quite popular, as expected.

Information of Tap Titans 2 MOD APK 

App NameTap Titans 2
Game Hive Corporation
Latest Version3.12.1
Size100 MB
Android Version Required5.0 and above
CategoryRole Playing
Total Installs
Last UpdatedJuly 2020

Ultimate Sword Master

The gaming in Tap Titans 2 shows that the gamer is a strong swordsman who has a mission for protecting the world against Titan, an insanely strong giant monster. For the users who have played the game Fruit Ninja before, they will find the gameplay of Tap Titans 2 quite similar. The simple gameplay is one of the reasons why Tap Titans 2 is so popular. Whenever the monster appears on the screen, you need to tap the screen with the help of a finger. This will help the swordsman swing his sword so that he can hit the giant monsters.


As per the storyline of Tap Titans 2, the monsters need to be defeated at first. After defeating the monsters, the user will face the Boss in the fight. There are various stages in the game. Every stage requires the user to meet nine monsters in total, before facing the Boss in the final round of each stage. The game does not provide any limitation regarding the number of times the user wants to play. To increase the power of your swordsman, you need to earn in-game money so that you can upgrade the strength and power. The increase in power is required across the various stages to defeat the bosses at each level. Many prizes are available when you finally beat a boss.

However, it may take some time to accumulate in-game cash, where you have to play repeated times in the same level.To avoid such hassle, you can get the Tap Titans 2 mod apk to get unlimited money for easy upgrading of the power.

Tap Titans 2 Unlimited Coins

Features of Tap Titans 2

Some of the particular features of Tap Titans 2 include-

  • With the improvement of the index system, and with the upgrading skill, the game can be very addictive to play, despite having just one operation. The progress can be felt by upgrading the strength level and passing the different levels with increasing difficulty. The enemies and the strong storyline make the game even enjoyable. New storylines open up every time the user completes a level.
  • Users need not play the Tap Titans 2 game alone. After a specific number of levels have been crossed, the game provides the user with a pet. These pets are one of the biggest advantages that a user will get in the game. There are many pets, and every pet has a different set of skills. These skills can come in handy as they can help you in inflicting more damage to the enemy, give you more healing power, or make you swifter. Just like the main character, pets can be upgraded in skills too.
  • The graphics in Tap Titans 2 are moderately detailed, and it provides a beautiful environment with various colours. As a result, every character of the game may appear funny, but they still show a lot of excellent effects. The background of the game also changes with each stage. The interface is pretty simple and uses the techniques to provide you with fluid gaming experience.
Mod Info
  • Receive free Coins with Tap Titans 2 mod. Users will need diamonds and gold to upgrade weapons. Usually, users can earn in-game money by continuous playing, watching advertisements, and linking social media accounts. However, with the mod of Tap Titans 2 apk, users will get unlimited coins and diamonds for use in the game. Another advantage of using this mod is the number of diamonds increases with the game.
  • In Tap Titans 2, you can also use more than one finger to tap. This will increase the damage inflicted on the enemy. With five to six fingers, any user can damage the enemy exponentially. Thus, the game becomes much easier to play.

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