Download: Subway Surfers MOD APK 2.3.1 (Unlimited Coins/Keys)

Download Subway Surfers Mod APK 2019

Subway Surfers is a runner video game which starts as a touch-screen and taps taking place with Jake or any other character where there is a spray provided with graffiti on a train where an inspector came with his dog and starts chasing the character.

Thus, Subway Surfers however described as a mobile game available with all mobile platforms, developed by Kiloo and SYBO. This game has a player where there is the one who runs through a subway dodges the incoming trains.

Subway Surfers MOD APK is available for download with unlimited money. However, noting the fact one loves games such as Temple Run 2 and the people may use Subway Surfers endlessly who uses runner game which is available such as Android and iOS. Thus there are games, upon level where there is a need collects coins. These coins however used with buying items and passing levels as much easily. However, the coins let one upgrade a game-play experience which is not easy as it comes by. Thus, players spends real money where an advancement goes within the next level game who makes it rather in-app purchases of using hacking apps with Subway Surfers Mod APK. People thus love gaming download Subway Surfers from Google PlayStore, Apple iOS, and Windows etc. with the latest version updated from their mobile phones and also in laptops.

Information of Subway Surfers Mod Apk

App NameSubway Surfers
Latest Version2.3.1
Size132 MB
Android Version Required4.4 and above
Total Installs
Last UpdatedJuly 2020

Tips for play Subway Surfers

Part 1: Start with game play

  1. Jump to swipe up which not only makes jumping as an obstacle where one collect some coins within the air. It also should be noted that one might not be able to jump high enough with getting on top of the train unless there is a Super Sneakers power-up.
  2. Roll it with swiping down. You will however need rolling out with low obstacles which gets under.
  3. Switch lanes with swiping left and right, also one may avoid trains, walls, and other obstacles.
  4. Hop your hover-board with double-tapping the screen. Your hover-board allows collecting coins which protects within getting one out from crash.
  5. Collect coins where one upgrades and scatter coins throughout the levels where one may move quickly collects as many as possible.
  6. Collects glowing power-up for boosts.

Four different power-ups come across upon while playing.

  • Jetpack – Makes one fly more above the train track with grabs additional coins.
  • Makes a jump little higher with super sneakers.
  • Coin Magnet – Attract the one with nearby coins without anyone having touching them.
  • Doubles your score multiplier with 2x Multiplier (e.g. x3 becomes x6).

Part 2 – Run Survival

Download Subway Surfers MOD APK for Android

  1. Reach the top of trains using ramps. There is a ramp on the ends with some train cars. Use the train top where one may collect more coins which allow avoiding obstacles.
  2. Try reaching time with calculation of your movements. This allows the one who swipes a move, with your character taking a moment which gets over. However, make sure you leave with enough time where one gets out way with the way of approaching obstacles.
  3. Switch lanes within the midair or mid-roll. The swipe does have a change within the lanes at times in midair. Try planning ahead where one ends up as exactly as you want.
Swipe twice left or right lane twice in the midair which moves across both lanes in one jump.
  1. Jump and immediately roll. With a jump being provided while rolling one may note it cancels jumping the animation which keeps it on the ground. This is very helpful where one get coins on train tops jumping with Super Sneakers too far.
  2. Use hover-board avoiding car crash. A hover-board prevents you from crash which keeps it as a best which saves them right until before one need before one. However, if one tries to hit a train or a wall, and tries double-tapping the screen may use hover-boards.
  • Hover-board does cost around 300 coins using it as a reward as well.
  • Save hover-boards runs good really where the one maximizes the score. However, do not waste them avoiding crash at start which runs with a start which is free instead.

Part 3 – Attain Lots of Coins for more progress

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  1. Try tapping shop button from the main menu. The focus however keys in getting a lot of coins upgrading a few important power-ups. This can be done through Shop menu.
  2. Scroll down Upgrades section.
  3. Spend coins which may upgrade the Coin Magnet along with Jetpack power-ups. This does improve with two power-ups which leads many more coins within the long run.
  4. Try completing daily challenge. Complete a daily challenge each time where one receives a reward. Often times, it is to note that it comes with more number of coins.
    • View Daily Challenge by tapping from the top of main menu.
    • Run out timer which is complete with a Daily Challenge where one may earns the reward.
  1. Complete Daily Challenges within consecutive days where one may find each day completing with Daily Challenge where the one moves with more impressive reward. Thus, complete five days in a row where one may earn Super Mystery box which contains a lot of coins.
  1. Try completing a mission and if it does not directly result within a coin might reaches Multiplier 30 where the one results in Super Mystery Boxes as a reward mission. These however do contain lot of coins with the one who tries completing many missions as possible.
  • To view current missions, it is to note tapping the Missions button within the main menu.
  1. Consider a purchase with boosting Double coins. At a $4.99, there is a purchase at one-time which is permanently doubled earning all the coins at times. This might be found at the top of Shop menu.

Gaming era for Android

Subway Surfers Game for Android however is developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games with an endless choice where one runs a mobile game with private companies based in Denmark. Thus, one make it a note with availability where the one comes within Android, iOS and Windows where one uses it as a Unity game engine.

The tablet runs out of battery or crash into obstacles where there is no use provided with any kind of keys or gems. However, both Subway Surfers categorized endless running of games where reality might not be endless which might force one coming to an end with a game at some point or other.

Subway Surfers Unlimited Keys Coins MOD

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Subway Surfers latest version is not known to many of the people where it runs beta at some phase of time. However, it is to note that there is a link being provided where one may download Subway Surfers APK MOD. Also, it is to note that there are many websites who brings a point which provides Subway Surfers APK with an older version APKs. There are people however searches for Subway Surfers APK MOD , which has got nothing available as of now currently. If any website provides a fake APK in such a manner it recommends not downloading it.

Thus, with a note provided, it should be noted that there are Subway Surfers which is a popular game – all over the world has more of fun provided with a play with the game as well. If one does not play any game it is recommend one download it from your mobile app store and try it their own.

Subway Surfers game have its Latest version where a time is provided at once within the link. One also can has it downloaded with some other sites where it proves that Subway Surfers APK MOD free download link,  with some having older version APKs.  Thus it is mentioned that the link has download Subway Surfers MOD APK new version and getting with a new version of it, we keep update with the download link and which continues reaching it everyone.

Here we have provided the direct download link below. you can select your desired version and download it to your smartphone or tablet.

Subway Surfers 2.3.1 (MOD)


Hence, it is to note concluded that people searches Subway Surfers MOD iOS with one not have anything as such yet. If there is any website which provides APK, then to note the fact is that it is fake; however, with nothing much to have so far, we advise you not downloading it.


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