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Hello Friends, Need SMS Bomber for Android / Text Bomber App. If you are looking to download latest SMS BOMBER Apk. then congratulations you came at the right page. In this page, we learn the method of downaload and install SMS Bomber App on Android and it’s comes with many features you one Click to hit the SMS Bomber Apk Download link, so you can easily download SMS Boomber App for send unlimited SMS to any Mobile Number.

SMS Bomber Apk – Prank By Sending Unlimited SMS

Everyone enjoys a little prank in their life, those pranks become even more special if it from a special person of your life. If you are looking to prank someone and you don’t want that person to do all haywire then SMS Bomber will be the best option for you to prank them.

What is a Sms Bomber?

SMS bomber is nothing but a simple tool that will enable you to prank your best friend or your loved one if they are thousands of miles away from you. Imagine receiving a text message to your number with no sender’s info that reads” you are receiving this message as you have requested for a change of password for your E-mail. Please click on the link below to proceed www.E-mail/” or a message that reads “I love you “. The best part is these messages does not get sent once but are sent for n number of times that you want the other person to receive.

So this is the major objective of Sms Bomber tool or the Sms Bomber Apk, to sent a lot of messages to a number as a prank or for a surprise.

Sms Bomber Apk short description

App NameSms Bomber APK
App Size11.3 MB
Android Version RequiresAndroid 4.4 & Up
Total Installs45,000+
License TypeFree

Why choose Sms Bomber Apk?

While there are a lot of other text message bomber tool and Apk’s available for download Sms bomber Apk has earned a name for itself as one the best and trust worthy Sms bombing application that are available as of now. By downloading Sms Bomber android Apk or using its online tool you are entitled to a lot of features that other prank application fail to provide to their users.

  • Sms Bomber Apk users can send any number of messages to a particular number across the globe.
  • Sms bomber is in the list of some free Sms Bomber Apk available on the internet for download that actually works without any issues.
  • Call prank feature is also available along with the send unlimited message feature that this application provides.
  • Messages are sent to the receiving number as soon as they are sent from the other, while others may take time to process the request and then send in the messages.
  • The number you send can be from any part of the world and the application will process the request and send in the message free of cost.
  • Once the messages are received by the used a received notification is sent to the sender like any other conventional built-in messaging application that comes with the device.
  • The receiver does not get any information about the sender. And so the message that you send as prank will remain as an anonymous message until you reveal it to the receiving person.

How to Download SMS Bomber Android App?

Sms Bomber Apk is not available for download from the Google play store and the application has to be downloaded directly through the internet.

There are lot of application platforms that carries the free Sms Bomber app in their website, one can download the app from one such platform that they find trustworthy.

Once android application has been downloaded it will get stored in to your device as an android Apk, so one has to install the application manually. Before installing the application you have to make sure that the device has the permission to install applications from third party websites or unknown sources.

To give permission for the device to install the application from unknown sources go to the setting of your device and search for the security tab. Once you are in to the security tab turn on the unknown sources option. By doing this you are giving the device permission to install and use application from third party websites.

Your application settings must allow downloading from unknown services.

  • Enable Unknown Sources from Setting of your device

(In order to get ‘Unknown Sources’ option, you must follow the following paths)

Got to Settings>Security>Device Administrator>Unknown Sources)

  • Download the file from given link

Download Free SMS Bomber Apk

Once you have does this open the “downloads” from the browser and click on the Sms Bomber Apk. This will prompt the device to install the application.

Once the device is installed open the application from the main page or application tab and give permission for the application to run. This is essential for the application to run or take contacts to send the message to.

How to use SMS Bomber Application?

Open the application and type in the content of the message that you would like to send to the other person. Once you are satisfied with your message give the number that you want the message to be sent. You can also choose the contact from the contact list of your android device.

For international number there is a separate column that allows you to send messages.

Once the number has been verified continue to send the message by selecting start process option.

If in case you decide to stop the process in between there is a stop process option available. By clicking that the messages will not be sent furthermore.

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The application of the founder who is also the developer of this application will not be liable for any misusage of this application. This application was developed to be as a prank application only. It is strongly advices to not use this application for any other ill usage.

The application does not work between 12 Am- 5 AM. Like any other application even this application faced some bugs and issues the developer of the application UditKarode is constantly working to make the application bug free for its users.

A prank message cannot be sent to a number that is being protected by this application. Since the release of this application around 1.3 lakh have been protected by this application and around 4.5 lakh numbers have been bombed using this application so if you don’t want to be in the mix download Sms Bomber android app and get you number protected.

Over all this is one application that has been designed to bring in some smile in the faces of people either by a prank or by send a lovely message to a distant special person. So the more the joy it brings on peoples the better the usage of the application is. It all depends on the user whether they it in a good way or a bad way.

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