Best Websites To Watch College Football Online Free

watch college football online for free

Watching college football live can give you overwhelming joy. Nobody wants to miss a single moment of this popular game. But, the problem is people in this modern era have become very engaged and therefore, watching college live sitting in the stadium or live on mobile has become very difficult nowadays. On one side, the college football match has been started and on the other side, you are driving or attending any important meeting. Amid this critical situation, you will not have many options. You need to focus on your work and forget about the match. However, what if you have access to certain websites through which you can watch college football anytime anywhere for free. Well, we are not giving you false hope.

Watch College Football Online Free

Free College Football Streaming Sites

Well, in general, if you want to watch college football live, you need a cable connection. Apart from this, you will need to subscribe to different channels to see all kinds of sports. But, this is, no doubt, one of the expensive ways college football matches live. The worst part is that this platform is not portable and so, you need to stay at home to watch live football matches free. What if you are traveling or you are in the office, in such a situation, you will not be able to see live matches. However, in this modern era, we have the internet and we must utilize it properly. There are so many platforms that are offering college football streaming services for free. You just need access to the internet. You do not need to pay anything and moreover, you can watch college football match anywhere. All these things highlight the need for free college football streaming sites.

Top 11 Free College Football Streaming Sites

We must admit the fact that technology has brought some remarkable positive changes in our life. The websites that we are going to tell you are undoubtedly one of the fruitful outcomes of technology. However, there are many websites where you need to pay to watch college football match online. But, we will let you know about the free websites only. So, if you do not know what these websites are, check out the following points.

1. NFLBite

NFLBite is one of the best platforms where you can watch college football online for free. The positive aspect of this platform is that it is well-organized. You can watch NCAA, NFL Redzone Siciliano, NFL Redzone Hanson and many more. There is a different section where you can check the score of the games. However, the Twitter feeds from the fans and football teams also make this platform more approachable.

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2. Sportssurge

Well, this is another platform for college football lovers. Yes, if you want college football streams for free, you should definitely go with this platform. The good thing about this platform is that you will be able to stream various free sports in Football, Basketball, Motor Sports, MMA, and Boxing. If you want to watch an NCAA football match, you will need to select Football. After selecting this, you will get a lot of options such as XFL, CFB, and NFL. Well, if you have a complete interest in watching a college football match, you will have to select NFL. This platform will allow you to watch college football online for free.

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3. FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports is one of the most popular online football streaming platforms. If you want to watch NCAA football online for free, this platform will be ideal for you. Depending upon your locality, you will get various platforms such as,,,, and many more. The positive thing about this website is that you will get a wide range of option and therefore, if you want endless entertainment, this platform will be ideal for you. Apart from football, you can watch motorsports, baseball, tennis, boxing, ice hockey, rugby, basketball and many more. This website also allows you to access many sports channel such as Eurosport, SkySports, BTSports and many more.

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4. Cricfree

From the name, you might be thinking that this website is for cricket lovers. Well, Cricfree is a website that is specially designed for cricket lovers. But, it does not mean that it has nothing for the football lovers. This is another college football streaming website. On this website, you can easily stream soccer, college football and baseball. The good aspect about this website is that it will let you know about the lined-up schedule of all the sports. Another interesting thing about this website is that you will be able to do live chat while watching college football online for free. For college football lovers, it is a wonderful option as they can discuss about the game with other football fans. However, there are certain rules that you need to follow. Otherwise, you will be kicked out from the chat rooms. Talking about the negative aspect, well, you will have to experience annoying ads. You can use ad blocker, but, it will not give you 100% solution.

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5. Stream HD Live

If you are an ESPN platform user, you probably know that this platform does not allow you to watch online football matches for free. Well, Stream HD Live is a perfect alternative to this platform. You can watch college football online for free on this platform. Talking about the looks and user interface, you will find similarities with ESPN. The combination of black and red colour will give you a very sporty look and apart from this, you can stream content in HD quality.

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6. BuffStreams

BuffStreams is undoubtedly one of the best online sports streaming websites. However, this platform has got various names such as,, and many more. The good thing about this platform is that you will be able to stream different kinds of sports. It even includes college football game. So, if you are a college football game lover, you must include this website to your list.

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7. Liveball.Tv

Nowadays, everyone is looking for free online sports streaming websites and this is why we are making this list. Anyway, this list cannot completed without mentioning the name of this website. This website is specially designed for college football match. So, if you are looking for a platform where you can stream live football matches without facing any complications, this platform will be ideal for you. Talking about the core characteristics of this website, it features MLB Baseball, NCAA Football, NFL Football and many more. There are many more sports that you can watch on this streaming platform as well.

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8. Real Stream United

Real Stream United offers free live streaming services. This platform is reliable and the interface is good. You can stream live college football matches without paying anything. The platform is working hard to make the live streaming experience as real as possible. Well, you can also share the streams with your friends and thus, you can elevate the level of enjoyment to a different level.

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9. R/CFBstreams

R/CFBstreams is another reliable live sports streaming site. Yes, if you are facing problems getting a good free sports streaming site, you do not have to look here and there. You can go with this website without any hesitation. The users can watch live NCAA football matches for free. This site has its own communities and itis called subreddits. Well, we are suggesting this website because it is different from others. Yes, the site itself does not offer a live sports streaming service. But, it has strong communities. The users generally send links of the free streaming. The users can promote this link if it is offering good quality streaming service. If it is good, you can up vote it. Otherwise, you can down vote it.

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10. Laola1

Laola1 is a very good streaming site. This platform offers free streaming services. Yes, you can watch a wide range of sports games on this platform, and college football is a game is one of them. Most websites do not offer table tennis and volleyball streaming service. But, this site has everything and so, if you are living in the United States and want to get free access to all live sports, this platform will be an ideal option for you.

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11. SportRAR.TV

Well, SportRAR.TV is another great website that offers a free college football streaming service. You can watch a live football matches for free on this platform. Well, the good thing about this platform is that it has a good collection of live sports videos. Apart from college football, you can watch tennis, hockey, basketball, baseball and many more. Every platform has drawbacks and this is not an exception. The pop-up ads will definitely hamper your viewing experience.

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As of now, you have understood the need for online college football streaming sites and along with this, we have also made a list consisting of the 11 best websites to watch college football online for free. So, what are you waiting for? Visit these websites and enjoy live college football matches. 


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