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Oreo TV APK: We must not deny the fact that it is the technology that is giving us access to endless entertainment. Over the course of time, technology is evolving and so are the ways of getting entertainment. Even a few years ago, we only had television through which we could watch TV shows and movies. Apart from this, people used to go to the theatre for having an enhanced experience. Anyway, we also had mobiles but, we could not watch live TV channels on mobile. There was no portable option and therefore, people missed their favourite shows, TV series, movies, and sports. Fortunately, technology has evolved and as a result, this advanced technology has eliminated these limitations.

Talking about the current situation, there are so many applications and OTT platforms where you can watch a TV series online. Apart from this, you can watch IPL and the latest shows. You will not have to rely on television and theatres for getting the ultimate taste of entertainment. You can get the same taste or even better from your mobile phone. Living in this technologically flourished time, you will see that there are a lot of applications providing streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and many more. But, people are still looking for alternatives. So, what is the main reason?

Well, it is the affordability that is creating the problem. If we talk about television, yes, you will have to pay for the channels. But, that is quite pocket-friendly. On the other side, if we talk about online streaming platforms, different platforms are offering different content and they are not free at all. You might need to purchase subscription packs of more than one or two online streaming platforms in order to get access to all of your favourite shows and IPL games. Now, this is really a matter of concern and we are here to give you the ultimate solution in the form of Oreo TV.

What Is Oreo TV?

Oreo TV is basically an online streaming platform that lets you watch the latest shows, TV channels, and sports for free. Yes, amid this critical situation where the rate of the subscription package of the popular streaming platform is increasing, Oreo TV can be your ultimate savior. You do not need to pay a single penny to use this application. The good thing about this platform is that you will get access to more than 6000 live television stations. Apart from this, you will be able to watch your favourite shows whenever you want. If you are a sports lover, you must have this app in the app drawer of your mobile phone. Yes, you can watch a wide range of sports such as baseball, soccer, hockey, kabaddi, cricket and many more. You will get everything in HD quality. In short, Oreo TV is the free alternative to all those paid streaming platforms.

Features of Oreo TV

As of now, you have understood what Oreo TV is. Now, before installing this app, you must go through the app features. It will give you concrete knowledge about this application. Well, we have added the features below and so, do not forget to check out those points:

  • Access To Endless Content: If we specifically talk about television, you will have limited channels and so, you will not have access to endless content. Even, top streaming platforms will not give you access to endless content. But, such a thing will not happen in the case of Oreo TV. Yes, it has more than 6000 live TV channels and you will be able to watch a lot of movies, TV shows for free. On top of this, you will get live sports channels for free. You can watch this content whenever you want. The best part is that you will get access to international channels. If your favourite TV channel is not available in your region, you will not have to worry. Pick your phone and start using Oreo TV.
  • Stream HD Content: Earlier, we have mentioned that Oreo TV is a free alternative. Although it is free, it does not mean that you will have to compromise with the quality of the content. The users can stream content in full HD quality. There will be options like 480p, 1080p, and higher quality. If you want to get the ultimate visual pleasure, you can stream in full HD quality. Or, if you want to save your data, you can stream in 480p or 360p. In short, you will get all those options that a premium streaming application offers.
  • Stream Sports For Free: Well, talking about TV shows, if you are unable to watch them in real-time, you will not be disappointed. The highlight will give you the same pleasure. But, such a thing does not happen in the case of sports. Yes, if you are a sports lover, you can understand the enjoyment of watching live sports. Now, the problem is that there are many platforms that do not provide access to all kinds of sports. Some platforms take a huge charge whereas some platforms provide access to match highlights for free. But, if you have Oreo TV on your mobile, you will not have such a problem. This is the ultimate platform that will give you live sports channels for free. If you are living in India, you can understand the craze for IPL games. You can watch live IPL games for free on this platform as well.
  • Download Videos: This is one of the premium features of this free application. Even, top streaming platforms do not give you this option after having the subscription package. If you have Oreo TV, you will not have to put your phone on online mode always. The users can browse a wide range of content and they can download those content for offline use. The Oreo TV app users can save those content on their computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Well-Categorized: Oreo TV is a free application but, it will provide a premium user experience. You will get a wide range of content on this platform such as news, movies, sports, cartoons, entertainment, and many more. You might be thinking that it will create confusion. You might have a problem while looking for your favourite content. Well, the fact is that everything on this platform is well-categorized. This particular aspect makes Oreo TV more approachable. The popularity of this online streaming platform is increasing day by day.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The user interface (UI) plays a very significant role. Even, if premium apps having high-quality content do not provide a smooth user interface, they will not get success. However, the developers of the Oreo TV app understand this very well. This is why they have made the interface of this application user-friendly. The users will enjoy while surfing on this platform.
  • No Registration: There are many streaming applications where you will have to do registration in order to get access to the content. But, you do not need to follow such a step in the case of Oreo TV. Yes, there is no registration and so, you can immediately start streaming content after installing the application.
  • No Monthly Fee; No Hidden Fee: After reading a lot of features, you might be thinking there could be some sort of hidden fee. Well, you might be surprised to know that this application is completely free. There is no monthly subscription fee and no hidden fee. You will get all those premium features without spending a single penny.

Download Oreo TV APK on Android, Firestick/Fire Tv and PC

Oreo TV New Version

How To Install On Android

By now, you have understood the core features of this online streaming application. Now, if you are an Android user, you must know how you can install this app on your device. Oreo TV is not available on Google Play Store and therefore, you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, you need to download the Oreo TV application. After downloading this, you need to do the installation part.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and enable ‘Install from unknown sources. This thing will allow you to install a third-party application. Oreo TV application is completely secure and so, you do not need to worry about the security of your device.
  • After enabling this, open file manager and go to the download folder. There, you will see the downloaded Apk. Tap on it and then, you will see the ‘install’ option. Again, you need to tap on the ‘install’ button and the app will be installed.

How to Install Oreo TV App on your Firestick.

Follow the steps mentioned below to install a Oreo Tv on your Firestick.

  • First, open the Firestick device.
  • And then, connect it to your data network or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Go to settings.
  • Now, from the available options, select “My Fire TV“.
  • You can also choose the “My Device” option.
  • After that, click on “Developer options“.
  • After that, you have to click on allow “Apps from unknown sources“.
  • Now, a warning dialogue box will appear on your screen. Click on the “Turn ON” option.
  • Go back to the FireStick home screen, click on the Search Bar.
  • Then, search for the Downloader in the search bar.
  • In the search result, select the “Downloader app” and click on “Get”.
  • Now, the Downloader app will start downloading.
  • The installation process will begin automatically once the download is completed.
  • Click on “Open” to open the Downloader app.
  • After the installation of the Downloader app now it’s time to install the DirecTV on your firestick device. For that,
  • Open the Downloader app.
  • https://bit.ly/30jhMTW enter this URL.
  • After that click on “Go”. Now the Downloader app will start downloading the DirecTV app.
  • Once it gets downloaded Install the app.

After the installation is completed, open the Oreo TV app on your firestick device.

How To Install On PC

Well, Oreo is specially designed for Android users. But, it does not mean that PC users will not be able to use this free streaming software. Here, we have explained how PC users can install this app on their computers.

  • First, you will have to install an Android emulator on your PC. There are many free Android emulators available such as Nox Player, BlueStacks, and many more. You can use your preferred Android emulator.
  • Now, download the Oreo TV android Apk on your computer and open it with your emulator.
  • For this, you need to drag the file and drop it into the emulator. Do not forget to enable the ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ option.
  • Or, you can follow the same steps that you have followed on your mobile. Yes, you need to open the emulator and sign up with your Gmail id.
  • Then, you need to install the app on your emulator following the same steps that you have followed while installing it on your smartphone.


Can We Watch IPL On Oreo TV?

There are many sports channels available on this platform and Star Sports is one of them. It is the official broadcaster of IPL matches. So, you can watch live IPL games for free on this platform.

Is It Safe To Use Oreo TV On Android And Pc?

Yes, the Oreo TV application is completely safe to use.

Can We Use Oreo TV Offline?

Well, Oreo TV is a streaming platform. But, the good thing is that you can download the content for offline use. So, if you want to use this app offline, first, you will have to download the content.


Amid this technologically advanced time where one needs to pay for getting premium content, Oreo TV Apk is bringing revolution. Yes, you will get all those premium TV channels for free. It is a must-have application and we have also explained everything about this app. So, why are you thinking? Install this app today and enjoy unlimited content.

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