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All You Need To Know About It!

Nowadays owning an android gives an ease of access that all you want. Android is abundant of the things which everybody needs, been that entertainment also. Moreover, the binge of technology adds the aurora on it by bringing advancement in the stuff.

You can quickly feel the upgrade, as all the facilities are available to us in a handy thing i.e., just an android. From gaming and YouTube to Netflix, amazon prime, the taste of people change. And to make things more exciting and facilitating, the creation of new apps is taking place.

Coming from past to present, you might have seen and personally used so many apps. But, you should not have used this one. The people who are in search of excellent TV apps and that too free of cost can get their answer here.

The TV apps are so much in trend because you can watch and enjoy any channels at your comfort. Among such apps, the OLA TV app is very famous because of its feature and free of cost-benefit. After all, who does not want the best thing in no price? So, let’s check all about it.


OLA TV APK is an android application which is very much accessible for television streaming. The developer of this best app is by IPTV Droid, who had been majorly participant in the creation of other apps like Dream TV, Cobra TV. It means you can watch each channel, which exists on the planet earth.

The OLA TV app is utterly free of cost. It provides a channel which is HQ in nature, so, this could be a good thing for the user. The app is quite simple, though! As you can easily select the list of video to play the content and then enjoy.

The OLA TV APK has a lot many servers and that’ why the user does not find any problem with the content, which makes this app the best one. Reading this much about the app might have made you more enthusiastic to know more about it. So, let’s go to the features that this app provides.

Features Of OLA TV app

Get The Benefit Of 50000+ Channels

There are a lot many apps you have used until now. But, you must not have the experience of such an app. Usually, the apps that provide channels with TV streaming are very limited. Here, you can get the benefit of more than 50000 TV streaming channels.

Get The Advantage Of Free App

The apps which we use for the daily purpose entertainment, do ask for the subscription fee. There is no such issue of any charge. The OLA TV APK is free of cost. User need not provide any price for it.

Enjoy The Video In Your Choice Of Player

The apps which we generally use for entertainment only play with the video player which are already there in the app. This reason gives a lot of issues to the user that they cannot enjoy channels as per their wish. Here, you will not have any complaints as you can choose the video play according to your choice.

Enjoy The Channels In Local Language

There is a useful feature in the app that you can easily select your country so that you can watch the local channels in your country. Moreover, there is a feature of changing the language, which makes the app worth-while.

Do Not Stop With The Fast Server

Most of the apps do have a single server because of which content goes downtime. It makes the user irritated. The OLA TV APK has the feature that it has a lot of servers. So, if you find any issue in the streaming, you can easily switch to the other user for fast streaming.

Enjoy The Features In Firestick/ FireTV

In case, if you are new to these terms then, Firestick is a device which gets connected to your TV’s HDMI port. It gives you access to the favorite movies, TV shows, music, photos, games, subscription services and so on.

 Fire TV is a digital media player that delivers digital video/audio content streaming via the internet to the television. The OLA TV APK has the feature that you can quickly get the app in the Firestick/Fire TV and enjoy.

Knowing this much about any app gives you excitement to use and know more about it. There is a list of steps you need to take to download OLA TV App.

OLA TV APK short description

App NameOLA TV App
Size9.8 MB
Android version required4.0 and above
Total Installs10,000,000+
Last Update09 July 2019

OLA TV APK Latest Version Free Download

Download APK

Steps To Download Latest Version OLA TV App in Android Device

TV streaming apps are not legal; that’s why the developer does not release such apps on Google Playstore. But on the website of IPTV, all apps are present.

Download Latest Version OLA TV in Android Device directly, according to the steps as follows:

  • Download the APK file of the OLA TV app, which then must get installed your Android.
  • Go to the settings menu, then go to the security menu of your Android, and there you need to turn on an option given as “allow installations from unknown sources.”
  • Download the APK file from the given link.
  • After you download completion, go to the desired file location. It is the folder which has the access of all the downloaded files and then locates the APK file.
  • Lastly, click on the install button; once it gets installed, you can watch anything your favorite.

Steps To Download OLA TV App In Firestick/Fire TV

Download the OLA TV on Firestick/Fire TV, from the following steps:

  • At First, you need the authorization in Firestick to install the OLA TV APK without any hindrance.
  • Go into the main menu of Firestick and then scroll to the settings.
  • Select Device option in the settings menu.
  • Choose the developer option in the device menu, and then select the option “allow apps installation from unknown resources” and then click on the turn-on option.
  • Go back to the main screen and in the search menu bar, type downloader.
  • Tap on the Downloader icon.
  • After downloading the Downloader App
  • Click on Open.
  • In the downloader app type the URL given by the site from where you are downloading the APK file.
  • Go to the link through downloader, and the OLA TV app will start downloading.
  • Once it gets the download, click on the install button and complete the installation process.
  • After completion of the installation process, go to the main menu, and open the app from there itself.

OLA TV APK is the best app for TV streaming channels. It has many features. The best thing is the access to 50000+ channels, which you cannot find anywhere else. Hence, trying this app is a must-experience thing. And you must try it. After all, it’s free of cost, and you need not pay anything. Just try it once. Till then,

Hasta LA Vista!!

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