Monster Hunter Stories APK Download For Android

Monster Hunter Stories APK

Pole playing games has been one of the few things that have brought us close to experiencing fantasy to an extent where we are actually a part of the action that has been happening in the game, they are so impressive it is difficult for any individual to stop the game once they are in the groove of things. One such role playing game that is sure to make you forget the concept of time and take you to the world of monsters is the monster hunter stories application.

Monster hunter stories is a role playing game where in you take the main character of the game and the game revolves around you and they way you advance through the game. It has a story line which has to be followed along with a lot of quests and missions that has to be completed in order for you to move forward in this game. The game also contains a lot of sub quests where it helps you to get a lot of extra credits and other important skills or necessities that you might require if you wish to go ahead in the game’s main story line.

Monster Hunter Stories APK short description

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FilenameMonster Hunter Stories
Size85 MB + 1.6 GB
Android Version Required5.0 or More
Last update25 September 2018
Total Installs5,000,000+

How the game evolves?

Once you are in to the game it will take you to the village called Hakum where you will the lead character along with your two friends Chavel and Lillia who will accompany you throughout the game. The game is set on the back stage that an evil power has come back for exile and slowly invading the good lands of the country while you are training for the trails and rituals of the land. This evil that lurks the surface now is turning the nature of thing into some to something really bad and solving the quests that are put in front of you will eventually get you the mystery behind the evil spirit and the ways to defeat them.

The journey takes you throughout the village of Hakum and other small destinations around it. As you walk through the mysterious lands of the village you will encounter various monsters that take hiding in the hidden parts of the village, you can fight these monsters to earn few points and other items that might help with improving your weapons and armory.  There are also areas where you will be able to collection of materials or mining them, you can also fish for monsters and other cool items that can also be used to improve your skills and the defense capability of your character in the game.

Things to do in the Monster Hunter Stories Game:

Once you have downloaded monster hunter stories apk on to your device you will be taken through the tutorial on how to play the game, but that experience will not be sufficient for you to advance through the game in a fast manner, one has to explore the lands for monster dens and raid them in order to find monster eggs that might be there in the dens. You can hatch these eggs and claim the monsters as your own to fight along with you.  You have to gain as many new types of monster as possible as only they can help you go through certain fields of play on the game.

During the game some terrain may require you to glide through them and some where you can only swing through, so you will need monsters with every possible abilities to complete the game. As you increase in experience you will unlock the feature to fight other players in the game locally and globally. The battle takes place turn wise and the attacks are done by clicking on the opponents monsters so that one of your monsters can attack the other monsters. And then the same is done by the opponent.

By battling other players you will gain and can improve you game at a rapid phase. If you to win a battle with your opponent you will also gain reward materials that can be used to upgrade you weaponry and armor capacity which will eventually help you with winning even more battles in the future.

You can always sneak up behind other players in the game and ambush them when they are not looking. But you should always be aware of you surrounding as other players might ambush you as well. The game evolves as you evolve, once you reach a certain stage of the game you will be able to release a certain monster to transfer its ability to another monster that you might have.

All these new improvements and abilities make monster hunter stories apk as one of the best role playing game available out there in the market.

Prerequisite to install Monster Hunter Stories APK Latest v1.0.0

Your application settings must allow downloading from unknown services.

  • Enable Unknown Sources from Setting of your device

(In order to get ‘Unknown Sources’ option, you must follow the following paths)

Got to Settings>Security>Device Administrator>Unknown Sources)

Unknown Sources

Monster Hunter Stories Latest Version Download

Monster Hunter Stories Latest Version Download

Monster Hunter Stories Latest Version Download

How to Install Monster Hunter APK On Android Phone

In order to download Monster Hunter Stories app, you can follow the step by step guide to install on your android device. the game’s apk by itself is only around 85 MB while the obb file that contains all the games characters and graphics info maps and other feature are all available on the obb file which might comes around 1.2-1.6 GB. Considering how big the file is it recommended to use Wi-Fi over the cellular data as the game by itself is pretty huge.

  • Download the file from given link
  • Once you have does this open the “downloads” from the download folder and click on the monster hunter stories apk. This will prompt the device to install the application.
  • Click on the Install button
  • After then install and open the application from the main page or application tab and give permission for the application to run.

As the game is being downloaded from the device’s default application provide there is no need to make any changes on the device settings. The game also provides the option to do in app purchased by paying money which can also be done by the user once the application is fully installed.

Hope this article might help you to download Monster Hunter Stories on your android smartphones, I am very glad to share this info with you guys, and like you all to share with your friends too. Have fun always Visit our Technopo for more latest android apk games downloads.


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