How to Watch Local Weather Channel on DirecTV?

Weather Channel on DirecTV

We know you have been seeking this answer, so don’t worry you will get all the answers here related to this topic. Just be with us till the end of this ‘How to Watch Local Weather Channel on DirecTV?’ to collect all the information as we have tried to include all the informative points as well. We have also covered points such as ‘watch Local Weather Channel on DirecTV’, ‘get local weather channel on DirecTV’ and many other informative points.

Well, if we talk about DirecTV, we all are familiar with it, right? If not then it’s ok because we are here to explain all the major points that will help you to ‘watch Local Weather Channel on DirecTV’ and to ‘get local weather on DirecTV’ right now!

DirecTV is generally a satellite service provider that offers streaming services. This satellite service provider is from the United States. So if you are a viewer of DirecTV then you must have enjoyed its different content such as movies, shows, sports, news and many more right? So let’s understand its concept more, ahead-

Local Weather Channels

Guys that there are above 99 local channels available on DirecTV. You just have to enter the given Zip-code and look for the channel numbers of local water to enjoy the forecasting of the recent show.

Apart from that one more facility, they provide to us is their weather applications service. By downloading the weather application you will be able to watch current updates on your Android phone anytime, anywhere.

About DirecTV

In short, DirecTV is a satellite pay service. Some of the features of it are similar to general cable TV. They don’t use any wire for video signals, for this process air is more responsible for sending the signals In other words signals travelled over the air for broadcasting the shows. So After enabling its service you can enjoy unlimited movies and shows.

How to Watch Local Weather Channel on DirecTV?

Direct TV has lots of channels and sometimes it’s not even possible to remember the number of channels right? If you are facing this kind of issue currently, then don’t worry we are here to solve it. So let’s get into today’s article which is at ‘How to Watch Local Weather Channel on DirecTV?’ So let’s locate this United States satellite pay service DirecTV’s number of weather channels here to watch the local weather channel.

By accessing local stations to watch Local Weather Channel on DirecTV 

DirectTV with above 99 local stations making its place among audience or viewers. So let’s see how we can access these local stations to watch Local Weather Channel on DirecTV.

  • First, visit DirecTV’s official website to check the channels there.
  • Do check whether the local channel is available or not in your region later.
  • Now enter the Zip Code (maybe one or 2 digit numbers) which is given to you that will list up the numbers and stations that are available for your place or region.

For enjoying the best of it, you can install a weather application. This app will help you to give updates on current weather every time.

Weather channels 361 and 362

If we talk about the next way to watch Local Weather Channel on DirecTV, then these above channel numbers are the ways for it. There are two national weather stations of DirecTV. Let’s know how these channel numbers work –

  • There’s a red button you see on the remote right? You just have to control these channels with it. If there’s an activated button then you can do that with it too.
  • By entering the zip code to complete the process
  • There are two weather channels called- Weather channel on 362 and AccuWeather on 361.

So, we have listed all the informative details on it, hope it might help you to access the weather channel now.

Now, get all the updates related to weather. These networks are very popular among the United States public as they provide all the covered and current news. We would like to tell you that The Weather Channel has been providing their services for many years. They provide their audience with the forecast of local and national weather.

How can I get a local weather channel on DirecTV? Or is it possible?

It’s a very simple question, people. To get a local weather channel on DirecTV, you have to follow the above steps. To access the current location of the weather you should check these weather channels. There are two weather channels called- Weather channel on 362 and AccuWeather on 361.

Additional Information

You must have heard about the dispute that took place in January 2014, between Weather Channel vs DirecTV. Actually, the matter was that the Weather Channel suddenly got deleted. This happened due to the failure of an agreement between them.

So what was the agreement? Actually, The Weather Channel had asked for rising the rate but the agreement was not accepted by DirectTV at that time. That failure of the agreement was the main reason behind that dispute.

But later, after a few months, the weather channel came back on the same channel number 362, when things got solved between the weather channel and DirecTV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Is it an easy process to get a local Weather Channel on DirecTV?

Ans. Yes, it is an easy process, you don’t have to worry more about it. Just follow a little step and access any of those channels on DirecTV right now!

Q.2. Is there any application available for the weather channel?

Ans. Yes, there is a free application available for you. You can install it on your phone.


Hope you have liked our today’s blog which is ‘How to Watch Local Weather Channel on DirecTV?’ Hope it will help you to watch Local Weather Channel on DirecTV or to get a local weather channel on DirecTV.


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