How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

Protect Yourself From Cyber Attacks

Cyber security refers to the state of safeguarding and recuperating networks, devices, databases and programs from any possible type of attack from hackers. Cyber threats are becoming a threat to companies, employees, and consumers. These cyber-threats could be aimed at creating, accessing or destroying vital company data. This can in effect end businesses, damage company reputations, financial and personal lives. Cyber security cuts across many fields and the good thing is that one does not need to be a specialist to comprehend and protect one’s self from cyber- attacks.

Protecting one’s self from cyber attacks

Though reliable and effective technology solutions can help those who have suffered from attacks manage the situation, some preventive measures can help in avoiding the whole scenario. Here are simple preventive measures to take to be protected from cyber attacks:

Change passwords

Ensure that passwords are long, complex and strong. Strong passwords should have at least 12 characters and a blend of;uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Quit making use of easy words, phrases or information in passwords. Try not to use one password for several accounts and make use of multi-factor authentication when accessible.

Update technology

Recent technology always comes with lots of benefits and is one of the best ways of preventing cyber-attacks. Thus people must use the most recent and updated versions of antivirus technology, ensuring the router is as well updated to the latest version.

Keep vital information different

People who have sensitive/private information should have them saved on a different computer that is not connected to any network. This is because most hacks usually stem out from devices connected to networks. Also, try to limit the number of employees that can have access to the information.

Hire a professional

Deliberate on the option of hiring the services of a reliable IT consultant to carry out frequent scans and to make sure all software is up to date. Reliable and effective technology solutions have the best options for any brand that seeks to protect itself from possible cyber-attacks. 

In case anyone becomes a victim of the random attacks and a ransom demanded, never pay for any money demanded. This is because paying the hacker does not mean they may not carry on with their intended plans. Instead, devote time and focus on obtaining stronger anti-malware and try to backup all important files.

Be skeptical and cautious

Avoid and if possible do not click on links or download attachments from unfamiliar sources. Look out for little things including;typos, stilted language, and grammatical mistakes, just to name a few. Do not fall for fake accounts that look legitimate, it is preferable to device other means to contact the company or organization to verify the source, could be through a phone number or walk-in if possible. Apart from that, several companies have a page on their website to detect if scam actions are being carried out in their name.


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