Download SimCity BuildIt Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Gold)

SimCity BuildIt Mod APK: It is not so unique for a person when they want to city or a place or even a building named by their name. It is only human nature to wish for such unlikely things. Buy, this unlikely event came real when the world was introduced to “SimCity.” None of us are strangers to this game as this has been one of the most popular games of all time.

What is SimCity BuildIt App?

Simcity is a role-playing game where you become the person who is in charge of running the place. The game starts where you are given a small piece of land along with some basic constructions. These buildings and lands are what that makes the game. You will be given the post of mayor of the city, and you are responsible for whatever is happening in the town.

There are two ways to playing this game; one is through direct download from the Google play store or download Simcity build it mod apk over the internet and install it. Before diving into the details and how the two are different from one another, here is how the game is supposed to go.

How Do You Play SimCity?

At the start of the game, you will be given a small piece of land with tiny construction that barely looks like a building as the game evolves you will have to explore new land areas surrounding the place where you started the game. You will be given daily tasks and miles stones which you will have to complete to unlock new buildings. Opening all these new buildings will most probably crucial for gameplay or for improving the financial status of the city. In the game, you will be given the option to name the town as you want and can even change the names of the buildings in the city.

Like an actual city, this game comes with its pros and cons. On the positive side, this game is a dream comes true. You will be in charge of running the whole city. You get to decide which buildings to build what tourism spots can be added, you chose where to put which building the roadways and whatnot. With that said, there are few downsides in this game as well. The time required for the completion of a building will increase as the game progresses. You will have to earn your way to upgrade a few things which will make sure you generate enough revenue for the city that will ultimately help you in developing what you actually wanted to improve in the game. One must also complete a lot of tasks throughout the game so that you will be the ability to unlock other new things that you want to improve in the city.

What happens at SimCity?

This is the basic design of this game as you develop the city and improve its infrastructure; more and more people start to occupy the city. As the town gets populated, the city begins to earn much revenue, and so you gain ranks as one of the best city in the game.

What if there is a way to be on the top player as you start to play the game? What if everything you want is already unlocked in the game? What if you have access to unlimited access to gold and money? Seems like a dream come true. Especially, if it is for one of the most played games of all time; if you are thinking about how this can be done, the SimCity mod apk is the go-to option.

SimCity BuildIt MOD APK Brief Info

App NameSimCity BuildIt 
Size100 MB
Electronic Arts
Android version required4.0 and above
Total Installs50,000,000+
Last Update07 July 2019

Direct Download Link

Download APK

Installation Process of SimCity BuildIt MOD APK 

The installation process is mentioned below:

  • At First, Go to Settings
  • Security and then click on Unknown Sources

Apps from Unknown sources

  • Download the APK of SimCity BuildIt Mod from the given link.
  • After downloading the file, click on install
  • Done! Enjoy

Once you download SimCity mod apk and installed on your Android device, you will be able to start the game from level 101 with few of the buildings already built up to its maximum. Along with that, you will also get unlimited gold and unlimited money. This helps you to eliminate the time-consuming process of waiting for a building to get built entirely. Instead, you can simply complete the process by using money as you have access to all the money that you can ever want.

The original game requires having the internet on at all time. But, with the mod version, you need not have the internet turned on. If in case the games ask permission to the internet for downloading some external files or upgrading the features of the application turn on the internet. As soon as the downloading is done, it is advisable to turn off the internet.

Game Play Screens




It is illegal to download SimCity mod apk in some parts of the world. So, it is must that you have need to use a VPN server over avoid being blocked from the game.

As you are downloading the game from a third-party server, you must also give permission for the device to download and install the application from unknown sources. The anonymous sources option is available under the security feature in your device.


We hope this post was of great help to you! If you have any queries regarding SimCity BuildIt Mod APK then you can do so in the comments below! Keep Visit our Technopo site for updated version of SimCity BuildIt APK. Until then Happy Gaming! 

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