App Cloner Premium APK 1.5.24 (Full Unlocked) Download For Android

It is not so simple for a person how needs to use multiple accounts on the same application. In most of the cases, we can see the person using two mobile devices so that they can manage their various accounts. What if there is a solution to use those accounts on a single device. Well, there is a way for that, and the solution is called app cloning.

App cloner premium apk is the application that you should be looking for on the internet. App Cloner is one of the few applications that are available for cloning the application. It is pre-installed on your device or any application that you have installed on to your device. By using app cloner premium mod apk, you create an install able and an independent application that is so true to the original application. The cloned application will have a change in certification from its parent application and also carries a change in name and color of the icon that is visible for the user. These minute changes identify the difference between the original and the clone of the application.

App Cloner Premium APK

App Cloner latest APK
App NameApp Cloner Premium APK
DeveloperApp Listo
Size16 MB
Android version required4.0 and above
Total Installs50,000+
Last UpdateJuly 2019

Feature App Cloner Apk 

  • The application creates a clone that runs independently. Which means the cloned application can still be used even if the original application is uninstalled from the device.
  • The cloned application will not get automatically updated. In case if you want to run the application on a stable version even if there are updates available, it is very feasible.
  • The process of cloning is one of the processes that the app cloner premium mod apk is capable of. The actual benefit of cloning comes when you tweak with the application’s default settings and experiment with the way it behaves naturally.
  • Auto start, back up process, and other pop up features on the original application can be turned off in the cloned application.
  • By cloning the application, one can customize it according to their preferences. One can add incognito mode to the cloned app. Can prevent the app from using data or wi-fi.
  • Password can be added to the cloned application by default. This can be done without the use of an external app protection application.
  • This also gives you the option to clone applications that are related to android watches. So multiple watches can be connected on the same device.
How is cloning to be done for an application using the app cloner premium mod apk?

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the application on to your android device, it is relatively simple to clone any application. Follow the steps below to clone an existing application or system default application to have a secondary application of the same kind.

Step 1: Open the application and select the application that you would like to clone from the icon of the application that is installed on to your device.

Step 2: The app cloner premium mod apk will take few minutes to extract and clone the application. Once the cloning is done, it requires two important steps. One is to give the number for the application, always start with 1 for a particular application. Next is the name of the application. The name of the application can be of your choice.

Step 3:

The next step will be the usual. This is when you will have to give permission for the application to get installed. For this, the “unknown sources” option from the settings should be turned on.

Prerequisite to install App Cloner Latest Version 1.5.24

Your application settings must allow downloading from unknown services.

  • Enable Unknown Sources from Setting of your device

(In order to get ‘Unknown Sources’ option, you must follow the following paths)

Got to Settings>Security>Device Administrator>Unknown Sources)

Apps from Unknown sources

Download APK

How to Download and Install App Cloner Premium for Android?

  • The application is available on the app store. you can download the premium mod version of the application from the given link.
  • Check for the latest version of the application and download it from below link. 
  • Once the download process is over proceed with the on-screen process to install the application.
Note: Since the application is downloaded over the internet, “unknown sources” option has to be turned on even before downloading the application.
  • The application that cannot be cloned using app cloner premium android.
  • All Google based application, media editing applications, VPN server applications, UC browser, BBM, File manager applications, and few more.
  • Once you know how to use the app cloner application to its full potential, you will certainly have fun using this application.

Hope this article might help you to download App Cloner Premium Apk on your android smartphones, I am very glad to share this info with you guys, and like you all to share with your friends too. Have fun always Visit our Technopo for more latest android apks download.


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