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It happens almost every single time when you work in a company or be at any education capital like colleges, schools or you try to access any government restricted websites and get failed in the attempt to do so. Well, here shines a great application called as AnonyTun.

AnonyTun is an excellent VPN Application that lets you gain access to a restricted website with unlimited surfing to any content available on the web. You can take AnonyTun as a tool that makes it simple to bypass the restrictions by using VPN connections with one click; it’s that easy.

It gets effortless with AnonyTun as you have to click a single button, and there you go, you’ll be connected to a virtual network environment that might be anywhere on the earth. Which creates a VPN, i.e. “Virtual Private Network”. It lets you surf the internet without being tracked by anyone. That what AnonyTun is about, being Anonymous on the web.

Before diving deep inside the application, lets first check what VPN is

VPN: Virtual Private Network

In non-geeky terms, a VPN is a connection establishing technique that let’s connect your device, (mobile) or Personal Computer to so-called a Server on the planet, allowing you to use that computer’s internet connection as yours. So, basically when you turn on VPN on your device, it lets you connect to a server that might be of a different country making the client appear that the point of connection is from a different country.

That means, the response to the request which you have sent will be looked up as if it has come from that country which you choose in the VPN settings as your connection.

So, what does AnonyTun provides you with?

AnonyTun Pro APK :

AnonyTun has all the functionalities that a basic VPN application has like :

  • Vast selection of the servers
  • Anonymity on the web
  • Access to local restricted websites

But there is much more in AnonyTun other than the ordinary VPNs like :

  • Better reliable connection
  • Faster and stable access to sites
  • Vast selection from IP addresses across the world
  • Most recommended

As with personal experience as well as from the feedback of hundreds of people, we suggest AnonyTun Pro as your VPN application. As it is the most trusted VPN service tool what lets you browse securely without any care of being dragged into any malicious activity. It also allows you to choose from more than 4 IPs as most of the VPN available only provides you free access to 4 IPs or country servers as well as you know sometimes you need to drop stability because of Free services, but that doesn’t happen with AnonyTun.

To get the best out of the application, you must read the article with precision.

Using AnonyTun is very easy, as, with one click, you get all the access you want to every restricted site. AnonyTun APK itself is very basic in layout and configuration. It works with all the android phones, tablets etc. with Android version above android 4.1 Jellybean.

AnonyTun Pro is a Free Unlimited Proxy for Android which provides unlimited bandwidth with super fast and high-speed VPN services.

Using AnonyTun Pro, you can download movies, watch shows, protect the privacy and much more.

The interface is very user-friendly. As it gets much better as you move further, you get to choose from several country’s IP Addresses. As you will open the app, it takes you to the home screen of the application that contains buttons for all the functions that you can perform like,

  • Connect
  • Settings
  • Best Performance etc.

There’s a list of addresses to choose from no. of countries around the globe like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Germany and many more. Moving forward we have settings within the app that lets you take control over other things in the app like you can turn on Route All, change DNS etc. 

How to Download AnonyTun Pro APK :

Downloading AnonyTun Pro APK is a harsh process if you don’t click on the right website, we have made your work easy making by click the below given link.

From here you can download your AnoyTun Pro APK within seconds.

How to install the AnonyTun Pro APK :

Step 1: Go to system settings > turn on Unknown Sources.

Unknown Sources

Step 2 :  Tap on the downloaded APK in the downloads folder.

Step 3 : Click Install.

Step 4 : After installation, launch the application from the drawer menu on the phone.

Thus, in seconds, you can download AnonyTun Pro APK and enjoy free access to restricted websites across the network being anonymous from any malicious activity.

AnoyTun Pro APK Version Information :

App NameAnonyTun Pro
Size3.4 MB
Application StatusActive
App byArt of Tunnel
Total Installs5,000,000+
Android RequiredAndroid 4.1 +
Last Update16th January 2019

AnonyTun is one of the most advanced VPN services that provide you with better security and anonymity over the web using HTTP, SSL and TCP tunnels. It’s a one-click solution for all your worries on the internet of restricted web access.

As you can connect to any countries server in one click similarly with one tap, you can get back automatically to the standard network that you had before with ease, that’s AnonyTun for you.

Screenshot of AnonyTun Pro APK

Anonytun Pro VPN

Direct download link – AnonyTun Pro APK 8.2

Final Words :

AnonyTun Pro APK is one of the best VPN Free unlimited proxies on the market you can use to get unlimited bandwidth, fast and secure access to the websites that might be restricted by local authorities like government, colleges, schools etc. AnonyTun Pro is one of a kind that can be found on the web for free, as well as you can get the AnonyTun from the play store but for PRO you need to buy, whereas you can get the AnonyTun Pro APK from the link mentioned in the above article. There are plenty of feedbacks that have made it possible to maintain the services’ capabilities.


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